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RTD-03.2 thermal sensor

Overall view of the RTD-03.2 thermal sensor (without enclosure)

Overall view of the RTD-03.2-INDR thermal sensor (indoor)

The enclosure of the indoor variant has additional openings on the front cover.

Overall view of the RTD-03.2-OUTDR thermal sensor (outdoor)

The enclosure of the outdoor variant has no additional openings.


The RTD-03.2 thermal sensor is intended to measure ambient temperature and is designed specifically for CCU controllers.

Key features and specifications

  • Measurement range: -40…+125°C
  • Measurement error: ±2°С
  • Measurement error after calibration: ±0.5°С
  • Ability to calibrate with CCU controller
  • Connects directly to CCU controller inputs
  • Multiple sensors can be connected to the CCU controller simultaneously
  • Three options: without enclosure, indoor, outdoor
  • Supported by CCU825 controllers