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CCU825 GSM Controller

Overall view of the controller with wall-mounted enclosure

Overall view of the controller with DIN rail-mounted enclosure



  • GSM security alarm for houses, garages, offices, warehouses, and apartments
  • Control of heating boilers and convectors
  • Control of gates and access barriers
  • Control of various actuators
  • Remote monitoring of sensors
  • Smart home automation

Key features and specifications

  • Configuring the controller over the USB and Internet with a web browser
  • Control and notifications with Telegram and VK on any smartphone, tablet, and PC
  • Control and notifications with voice assistant and SMS
  • Up to 8 users
  • Up to 4 security areas*
  • 16 discrete and analog sensor inputs*
  • 2 relays and 5 actuator outputs
  • Built-in Touch Memory DS1990A key controller
  • Built-in battery* and charger
  • Two enclosure types: wall-mounted, DIN rail-mounted*
  • External GSM antenna
  • Alarm, information, test, and system events user notifications
  • Scheduler to perform user-defined actions at specified time
  • Scenarios to activate the relays and the outputs for control actuators
  • Extra user list on 4000 entries to control gates and access barriers*
  • PLC feature (programmable logic controller)*
  • Custom integration with third-party software via JSON API
  • RTD thermal sensors support for air and in-pipe heat transfer fluid temperature monitoring
  • Analog interface to connect an external intercom and RMA microphone as part of it
  • Ability to install extension boards to increase the number of inputs and extend functionality

*Depends on the modification/configuration